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The Electrical Safety Council

Fully Searchable CD and Online Guide


The Essential Guide was a two stage project to replace the hard copy electrical safety manual provided to over 10,000 members with a fully interactive searchable resource.


This was to develop an interactive, fully searchable CD that provided all the latest information in an easily  accessible format. SomCom indexed the data, designing a CD interface that has a web browser feel, allowing Electrical Contractors to access the data in a meaningful, easily searchable way.


Following the outstanding success of the searchable CD, The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) decided to go one step further and produce an online version of their ‘Essential Guide’.

SomCom were able to match the look and feel of the browser based CD to provide continuity, while at the same time provide an updatable online resource that could be published by The ESC. We were able to provide all the security features necessary for member only access and online purchase as well as the ability to track usage.


  • Data conversion and indexing
  • Search functionality and site usage statistics
  • Website development and encrypted CD production
  • Enhanced revenue features
  • Member only access and secure online purchasing

“SomCom are good at tackling and solving problems, innovative, businesslike, resourceful, attentive and proactive.”

John Bradley
Electrical Safety Council

Technologies Used | Perl, MySQL, SomCNV

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