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TherapyToday was a two stage project to transform the British Association for Councilling and Psychotherapy’s (BACP) physical magazine into an online resource that they could use and sell to both their members and the general public.


This was to design a site to match the new look and feel of the redesigned magazine. SomCom took the electronic files used to make up issues of TherapyToday, stripped out the text and inserted it into a database structure, allowing us to style it, output it in html and keep a pricing structure against issues and articles.


Due to the outstanding success of the first stage development, BACP agreed to a second stage of work. TherapyToday was getting much bigger and due to the success of the website they decided that they would re-launch, this time with “Web Only” content. This content was handled as a totally separate online magazine. The whole site went through another redesign and development process, adding new articles, adverts, along with a new online article pricing structure.

“SomCom are an extremely knowledgeable and reliable team of experts who are excellent at converting ideas into technical solutions. We recently reworked our homepage for and I believe the experience, creativity and commitment of the SomCom team is reflected in the success of the site, which has recently seen a 25% rise in hit rates.”

Niki Lawrence Coordinator

Technologies Used | Django, Python, MySQL

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