SomCom Ltd - SomConference


A dedicated and sustainable solution for meetings, events and conferences.


Suitable for small organisations with limited funds

Configuration fee: None. Ad supported.

Annual Licence fee = £600

What you get:

Logo. Fixed layout. Ability to update text on pages.


Suitable for small to medium sized organisations.

Configuration fee: £1,600

Annual licence = £1,200

What you get:

Logo, colour scheme and fonts, standard template, CMS, file upload, Social Media, Calendar Events, News, Sponsor slider.


Suitable for larger organisations that need lots of features/functions

Configuration fee: £2,400

Annual licence = £1,500

What you get:

All features as per standard version + choice of two web layout templates, delegate registration, e-mail.

Looking for a little bit more.. not a problem

Professional +

Professional + is the same as Professional with the option for individual client customisation @ £50ph e.g. e-commerce, Video, Abstract Submission etc

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